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Internal Development Alchemy

Immortal Arts Nei Gong, Qi Gong and Dan Dao


Taoist Practice in Ancient Times was called 'Tan Tao' - 丹道 - which means the Way of Developing the Inner Elixir - the Purified Inner Energy - which arises and is developed in the Tan Tian Center. Tan Tao practice was the way of the Mountain Taoists - Mountain Mystics following the Way of the Immortals – This method had many secret ways of training the Dantian Center to enhance health, longevity and spiritual awakening. In modern times, we often refer to this type of training as 'Nei Dan Shu' or the Art of Inner Alchemy. These Ancient Methods of Inner Alchemy were a precursor to many of the modern styles of Qigong and Neigong which we find in the public. Our system which we teach, we refer to as the - Immortal Arts Method - the Immortal Arts Method cultivates and awakens the "Qi Energy" or Primordial Universal Energy step by step, in a systematic manner within the practitioner; Qi Energy can be thought of as the underlying essence of all life and the very fabric of the universe. When we have an abundance of Qi Energy, we gain Vital Health, Healing, Longevity, and feel a deeper connection with Life, Nature and all things...

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