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Mentorship Stories

It was in 2013 when I was assigned a mentor by Africa Yoga Project.  In the beginning, I thought the process was slow but it was not. I think the fact that she was attentive and deeply listening to me I was feeling bored because it was my first time to meet someone with such deep listening capacity.  It is through deep listening that she discovered my strength and weaknesses. She showed me how to turn my strengths into opportunities, how to overcome my weaknesses and not allowing them to be an obstacle in my career as a yoga teacher and student.  When we started, I felt that 12 months was too long having monthly skype calls followed by reports, goal setting, implementation and evaluation with a mentor but as our relationships grew stronger, 12 months became too short as if it has been only one trimester.  
​- Dushimimana Joseph desideratus

A journey from being mentee to being a mentor
A journey started when I was 15 years old, as an interested kid in learning from my elders, with dreams to help other teenagers in need of life advice, I was looking for some  knowledge on internet  that can be useful for teenagers, where I started to find mentors in areas of career, health, spirituality, and lifestyle.
Fortunately, I got many mentors because they were interested in supporting a kid. I got 2 of them who were beside me almost every day for 2 years, one was Vira Buchkovska she was a Belgium mindset coach from Proctor Gallagher and Dushimimana Desideratus Joseph a Yoga and Qigong Coach, he helped me to know more about health, by combining that knowledge and experience, helped me to share a lot with teenagers suffering from stress and depression by providing them with physical exercises to calm themselves and even advising them on how they can behave.

 Kakira  Rusekesha Prince,

a mentor to many kids

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