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Vegan Cooking

chef chandra choco.jpeg

Chandra Lee a former Fashion Photographer, now a Holistic

Nutritionist, Herbalist, Alchemist, Raw Vegan Chef, and Spokes Person for Alkaline


Her company Organic Flava’s |Embrace Raw Living was founded in 2007.

She holds a Masters in Science from NYU, and completed the Dietetic Internship at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the Bronx. NY.

She is also a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in NYC, and certified as a chef.

In addition, she is certified as a Vitalist and Herbalist , completing the program at OHR in Queens NY.  We are honored to have her on our team at South Side Liberation Center.

Embrace Raw Living is the Divine Connection to the Umbilical Cord of Existence - the UNIVERSE!!


Embrace Raw Living is the Balance between Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions.


My Mantra: Embrace Nature | Embrace Self | Embrace Greatness - EMBRACE RAW LIVING!!

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