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Tai Chi


SSLC invites you to take this  introduction into Chen Pan Ling Tai Chi with Ocean. The base of this class will be meditative, calming, relaxing and restorative while learning the sensations of chi development with an emphasis on body structure and alignment. As students become familiar with the cornerstones of this art and cultivate a regular practice we can move into mobility and flexibility exercises that will increase circulation and focus.  

Tai Chi Sundays at

Passcode: 108


Ocean is 44 years old and a 15 year veteran with the New York City Fire Department and is a certified Circle Keeper for Courageous Conversations amongst its staff. He is a leading facilitator in the department’s Mindfulness Group, as well as a member of the Messaging Sub-Committee for the Fire Commissioner’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. Ocean triples as a music videographer and creative artist, he is also a health and wellness coach and holistic living practitioner. He has been a vegetarian for nigh ten years. He would be a vegan but he loves honey and pizza with fresh mozzarella like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Having practiced martial arts (Slap Boxing, Street Fighting, Karate, Judo, Wing Chun, Jujitsu)  since his formidable years, Ocean is now a 19 years long Chen Pan Ling Tai Chi Chuan artist - specializing in Qigong development which is sustained through the practice of standing or seated meditation, deliberate relaxation, mindful respiration, increased circulation and extremely slow movement with a lowered center of gravity. His teaching have a enhanced understanding of a self defense application should you wish to enjoy it’s benefits as well. You will find his training to be extremely comprehensive, thorough and complete as he is articulate and can readily and easily explain the subtle sensitivities you will discover about yourself while under his tutelage. Prepare yourself to push your own physical boundaries but never to the point of exhaustion. You will leave this class energized and with better clarity, focus and determination.

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