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Pranayama and Integrated Meditation w/ Toussaint


Prana means “life-force” and ayama means ‘extension’ or ‘expansion’.  Students will first engage with the pre-meditative Pranayama breath control practice of Kapalabhati.  Kapalbhati consists of an active exhale and passive inhale and is known to support the regulation of the hypothalamus gland, increase oxygen efficiency, heal constipation, relieve stress and anxiety while producing a heightened state of awareness. We will then begin an integrative meditation journey, and conclude with a gratitude prayer and visualization.


Thursdays at 5:30pm


Toussaint Haki Stewart is a professional wellness practitioner with conducting classes on meditation, Body Weight Strength Training and Plant-Based Nutrition born and raised in Oakland California.  Toussaint is also a high school PE teacher in Oakland Unified School District and Plant-Based Entrepreneur, Chef, and Business Owner.  His life mission is to eradicate lifestyle disease through the incorporation of preventative transformational lifestyle practices and education.


Instagram: @townwellness and @bestopesto 



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