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Inner Alignment

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Inner Alignment with Orisha, Fridays at 5pm Central

Oshun Priestess Deidra Somerville, PhD, MSW will lead the Inner Alignment with Orisha course. Inner Alignment with Orisha will explore the ways we are connected to the Orisha through nature, daily living, temperament, and our (inter)actions. We will discuss the nature of each Orisha, the ways we encounter and work with Orisha in our daily lives, and learn recitations used when working with the Orisha. Through discussion of pataki (sacred stories), songs, and prayers, we will grow our knowledge of the Orisha and the ways we can align with them from within.  


Fridays at 5pm Central

Deidra Somerville, PhD, MSW, works as an initiated priest of Oshun for 19 years and has studied as a diviner and ritual practitioner under the apprenticeship of master diviners and elders in several branches of Yoruba and Edo spiritual systems. She provides divination counseling through use of cowrie shell divination, a practice that is used by many cultures. Her specific study and practice derives from the Afro-Cuban Lukumi tradition. 


Through her teachings and ritual use of prayers and working with the energies of the Orishas, ancestors, benevolent accompanying spirits, and the person’s first Orisha, Ori, her goal is to help students, godchildren and clients to realign with their divine purpose by addressing any impediments identified by Ori. She provides tools, information, and spiritual support within the context of a person’s need for growth and evolution. She holds space for clients, students and godchildren to celebrate and embrace those aspects of their spiritual profile that are supporting their growth and evolution and to provide advice and tools to further their spiritual health and growth.

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