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Consultation w Doctor Camilla


Are you ready for a detox?  Email to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Camilla Alfred, Naturopath and Hydrotherapist.

Dr. Camilla Alfred has dedicated her life and research to holistic healing, especially as it relates to colon therapy.  She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Colon Hydrotherapist and Vegan/Vegetarian Chef.  Dr. Alfred completed her studies at Trinity College of Natural Health.  Her humble beginnings were under the instruction and advisory care of Grand Master Natural Healer Alvena M. Fulton, ND, PhD.  Dr. Fulton, known as “Dietitian to the Stars,” aided the health and natural healing of many people including: Dick Gregory and Roberta Flack.  Dr. Alfred is an ordained Minister in Chicago, IL.  Her personal journey with disease and obesity  birthed the Heal Thyself Colonic Ministry, which has helped hundreds to better health.  Dr. Alfred is the Co-Executive Director of South Side Liberation Center.

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