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Liberation Bodywork is a blend of traditional Northern style Thai Yoga Massage and Kurdish Breema bodywork.  Working with deep tissue, energetic and emotional bodies, we release trauma and remove blockage along our energetic meridians. 

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Saidia "Therapylady" Murphy, is a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist with over 20 years of rehabilitation experiences in various settings spanning from nursing homes, outpatient clinics, sub-acute and post-acute hospital settings, ICU, school systems, and home health. Throughout her tenure as an OT, she acquired several certifications in Kemetic Yoga, Intro to Aromatherapy, Level 1 SomaVeda Thai Yoga Massage, Liberation Northern Thai Bodywork Specialist, Level 1 Yoga Trapeze Instructor, ANCAR2000 Breathwork student apprentice under Master Naprapath, Yogi, and Chiropractor Dr. Asar Hapi.   Saidia Murphy believes that when you have a gift to help guide other towards their healing, it’s more than just therapy, it’s about making a difference, changing lives, and bringing out the champion within every person that connects with WholesomeTouch. There lies the passion to give extraordinary services with the above average competency which has been demonstrated over time consistently.  The commitment is to give you nothing but the best in order to bring out the best within each individual. Her motto is: “Whatever I ask you to do, trust and believe I have done it to.” She is ONE WHO HELPS.

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Tim, "Born to serve with a passion for healing." Is my mantra and reason for attending SOMA Institute of Clinical Massage Chicago IL (2013) where I was introduced to therapeutic massage techniques and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction through manual manipulation. 

I continued my studies to include Graduate of Pacific School of Oriental Medicine Chicago IL where I received my Associated in Applied Science / Massage Therapies there I was introduced to various Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternative Healing modalities. 

My education has enabled me to see the human body from two different schools of thought. This perspective allows/equips me to assist my client on their journey of Health and Wellness and to witness the wonderful phenomena of the human body healing itself. I don't heal my client they heal themselves I just assist by making it possible to create the proper conditions by removing blockages to allow the body to restore and balance itself. I look forward to meeting whomever the universe aligns my path with and open to sharing and receiving knowledge.

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